CSSA Library

There is an extensive collection of books, numbering about 400, available in the CSSA library. These books can be borrowed by paid-up members only. Borrowing rules are stated below. Click to view the book list order*.

The CSSA Inc. Library Lending Rules (Members Only)


*Members need to be wearing their Membership card to be able to borrow.

*Maximum number of Lending books to be borrowed at any one time is THREE.

*You cannot borrow any further books until those on loan are returned.

*Maximum borrowing period is TWO months; after that period you will be contacted to remind you to return book(s).

*Books must be signed out and in.

*If a book is lost, the onus is on the borrower to replace the book or cover the cost of its replacement.

*The Committee may at its sole discretion refuse to lend any book to any member.



*Maximum number of Reference books to be borrowed at any one time is TWO.

*A deposit of $20, or up to $50 for the more expensive books, is to be paid to the Librarian at the time of borrowing the book, refunded when the book is returned.

*Reference books require notice to be given to the Librarian as to which books you wish to borrow, so that the Librarian can bring them to the next meeting. This notice should be by phone or email or in person the meeting before.

Noelene Tomlinson, Librarian for The CSSA Inc.

Ph. 9889 5237 or email: tomlinsonfamily@bigpond.com