Important Announcement re: COVID-19

As the state of Victoria continues to face lockdowns and restrictions, it is important to check here, your email inbox (members) or our social media pages for the latest information about our events. We've had to make several cancellations recently, sometimes at very short notice.

We are grateful that we've been able to hold events again in 2021 and hope to be back at the hall for July, but please be sure to keep an eye on updates so you're armed with the latest info.

Throughout the COVID-19 situation we will continue to use the video conferencing app 'Zoom' for those who can to join us from home or abroad, and if monthly gatherings at Mount Waverley Youth Centre Main Hall must be cancelled the events will still proceed (as best they can) online. These events are open to anyone who wishes to attend, please contact the CSSA Committee for more information - 


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Further information also available on CSSA Facebook Events